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Month: November 2021

Hand Spun Yarns

Birds – a few reflections in photographs

A pigeon from my living room – including finger prints and flash from the camera!  The two images of the small robins are beautiful – I love the way the lines of the branches are blurred when the image is enlarged.  The two blackbirds – these images have been posterised (flattened) in Photoshop Elements.  My…
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Wrought iron railings

The railings are so old!  The lichen adds to the beauty and makes the railings appear magical in my opinion.

A row of wrought iron roses

So many layers…each rose has decayed differently and the reflections are slightly different.  We know the image is a flat photograph, yet we can also see lots of depth and motion from the sunlight and people walking in the reflections.

A tomato

Here I played with a photograph of a large red tomato in Photoshop Elements.  Then I drew the tomato with green and red and then finished it with a monoprint and red ink.

Switching focus

I like to see what’s in or behind any hole in the wall or fence  – a camera captures this beautifully!

Monoprints and life drawing

I love the marks from the ink used in monoprinting.

Soft focus

For a soft irregular viewpoint, I covered my camera.  I love the soft curved focus – I think this enhances the tiny section of floor tiles into something unworldly. Ideal for ideas for embroideries!  The blue one is a view of a swimming pool.

Little bat drawings

Above shows a few of my pencil drawings of a found bat whilst in the South of France.

Machro photography and embroidery

I am fascinated by machro photography and embroidery. I had no idea that there was so much detail on a leaf when magnified – looks like embroidery?!

Hot cross buns and Covid 19

To date I have had two vaccinations and my booster for Covid 19.  I have also had the virus October 2020 – not pleasant. During lockdown, I ate many hot cross buns and decided to celebrate this by making a small embroidery – see below – the coin is a 5p. The background is made…
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